Sami Raja, CEO and Managing Director of Sami Raja Consultancy, Announces Plans to Expand the Company’s Operations to Other GCC Countries

Mr. Sami Raja, the Founder and CEO of Sami Raja Consultancy, a Dubai-based consulting firm specialized in assisting investors to set up and expand their businesses in the United Arab Emirates and the UK, announced today that the company would be expanding its operations to other GCC countries.

A serial entrepreneur and manager par excellence, Sami Raja has served in a variety of executive roles with different companies, some of which include Desert Angels, a Dubai-based online swimwear company, Clean Kicks, a premium footwear cleaning products manufacturer, and Heron Marketing, an international marketing consulting firm headquartered in the United Kingdom.

In his role as the CEO of Sami Raja Consultancy, Sami utilizes his expertise and extensive network to ensure seamless and efficient landing for international corporations setting up presence in the UAE. The company provides client service offerings ranging from company formation to business restructuring, tax management, and financial advisory.

Prior to this role, Sami Raja, an FCA certified stockbroker, worked as an independent investment sales and marketing consultant in the United Kingdom, assisting entrepreneurs with all aspects of running an investment sales company, from initial set up to daily management.

In making the announcement, Sami said, ‘Sami Raja Consultancy was born out of the desire to utilize my wealth of experience and contacts in the United Arab Emirates to create opportunities for other entrepreneurs in the region.’ He further stated, ‘When I talk about extending my services to other areas in the GCC, I want to act more like an influencer for the companies there and help them tap into the use of disruptive technologies for everything from strategic brand positioning to everyday operations.’

Since its establishment in 2016, Sami Raja Consultancy has played a key role in business strategizing and planning for some of the big names across the Middle East.

About Sami Raja Consultancy

Sami Raja Consultancy is an international consulting firm established to assist entrepreneurs and SMEs to set up and expand their businesses in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the company has a great track record and experience in the region which has strengthened their bonds with the various government departments. SRC focuses on imparting the most up-to-date knowledge about business intelligence to their clients, saving them money and exhaustion in the process.

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